Tomorrow may never come. The only time you can be sure of, is NOW.

“Tomorrow may never come. The only time you can be sure of, is NOW.”

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We take much of our lives fore-granted. Seconds drift by us in abundance as we go through them like an replaceable resource. We feel immortal, as our minds barely comprehend the length of time that is our entire life.

But life is short. Life is barely a gasp in the grand scheme of things. Life is not infinite. Every passing second is gone forever, never to return, never to be used any other way than it was just used.

We lose sight of the finite nature of life because we always feel we will always have time. Tomorrow, after all, is another day. And many times it is. But tomorrow isn’t an infinite lifeline either. Even tomorrow runs out. And the problem is we don’t know how many tomorrows we have left. Could be 1000, could be 100, could be 1.

But if today was your final day, would you really wait for tomorrow, or would you start acting NOW?

The only certainty we have is in the now, in the present, in the moment we live in at this very moment. And it’s a precious resource we should try to use much more wisely. It too will run out.

Our moments are limited. When all is said and done, you can count the number of seconds lived by a person, the number of breaths taken by a person, the number of heartbeats they had. It’s always finite.

Because like the breaths we take, our tomorrows are limited. You don’t want to hit ZERO just as you realize what you’ve been missing out on.

So take a moment and pause today. Take a moment from your crazy schedules to feel the seconds counting down, and to look at the things you’ve been putting off. Whether its experiencing something new, or writing a novel, or finding the job you really like, or telling someone you love them, stop for a moment and put some importance on the things that TRULY matter, on the things that would take first priority if you had no more tomorrows left.

Shuffle things around a bit. Are there things you’ve been putting off that you think tomorrow will help make happen? What are they? What’s stopping you from achieving them? How can you overcome those obstacles? Take all these tomorrows, and bring them a little closer to the now. Make your list of tomorrows, and how you can bring them into the now.

I’ve put this blog off for tomorrow long enough.

Make yours now.

Make NOW, yours.

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