“Don’t ever give yourself an excuse NOT to better yourself.”

“Don’t ever give yourself an excuse NOT to better yourself.”

Stop Making Excuses

Very simple premise: The other day I was laying in bed, contemplating working out or not. Now, I had been sick for several days and between wasting away and working out, the former seemed like such an alluring option. And I ALMOST let myself not do it because I was using the excuse: “I was sick recently and I took an off day today to relax.”

But then I realized, I was physically healthy again, able to, and wouldn’t be doing anything better…I really had no justification for NOT working out…So I worked out!

There are times to sit in the sidelines and recoup, but for all the times where we are able to act, we should. No longer should we allow ourselves an excuse NOT to be the best possible person we can be.

“I’ll start tomorrow”, or “Today isn’t right”, or “Someone else will do it” are no longer valid excuses when it comes to self-improvement (it applies to so many other areas but for this post I’m limiting it to self-improvement).

Life throws so many curve balls at us, constantly testing us, and challenging us, that we really don’t need another obstacle to the things we want. Even more important, there’s no worse obstacle in our path than the ones WE put there. There are no chains more deserving of being torn down than the ones we put around ourselves.

Leave the constant attempts at “screwing you over” to life. It won’t succeed. The only person who can stop you from being a better YOU, is the person who stares back every time you look in the mirror.

So stop being your own worst enemy by giving yourself excuses NOT to be the best person, or NOT to make the most out of your precious life. Be aware of the excuses you keep telling yourself that keep stopping you from bettering YOU.

Whatever it is you’re NOT doing, whatever excuse you’re using to justify NOT doing it, it’s time you realized you deserve better. Give your body, mind, a soul, personality, psyche, a much needed jump start.

You deserve it.

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