“Learn from the fearless, or anyone doing something YOU secretly want to.”

“Learn from the fearless, or anyone doing something YOU secretly want to.” 

When most people feel envy, often it is because they want something. It can be an object, an experience, a person, or a skill-set. But often these emotions can turn into bitterness because the item of desire cannot be attained. That bitterness is the fuel for jealousy, and before you know it, the person who has what it is you want is cut off as a resource. 

The people who have the things you want most should not be envied. They should be learned from. They have something you want, and rather than wonder why you are not deserving of it, accept that you are deserving, and that perhaps you too can get what they have. Rather than cut them off, or grow jealous, embrace them, and the journey that has lead them to acquiring what you lack. 

There is so much to be learned from someone who is “better” than you at something. There will always be someone who has a skill-set that is better developed than a particular skill you may have. But rather than feel inadequate, we should strive to better our own skills so that we too have something others can look up to, so that we too can teach others. 

Draw from people’s strengths, even if they are your weaknesses. Learn how they got where they are today, listen to their stories, draw from their experiences, and take the RIGHT step towards acquiring what it is you want most. Learn from what they have to offer so that you too can have what you want. 

We are rarely envious of our professors or mentors. We look to them as a source of knowledge, as more experienced, wiser versions of ourselves, and hope that they can bestow their knowledge upon us so that we can also be enlightened. This same attitude should apply to those we compete with, or anyone who has something we want. 

We are social creatures, limited to our one unique perspective. Why limit our lives to just the narrative of our own stories, when we can experience and indulge in the stories and experiences of others, thereby diversifying our own libraries of knowledge. 

Learn. Grow. Evolve. Better yourself. Enjoy life while you’re doing it. 

In the end, jealousy keeps you where you are, away from what you want. Learning, on the other hand, pushes you towards it… 

Additional Food For Thought…

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” — Douglas Adams

On Learning from Others

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