“Cook for someone. A meal always tastes better when shared, and when made by someone who cares.”

“Cook for someone. A meal always tastes better when shared, and when made by someone who cares”

Delicious Indian Food

There’s that expression that the secret ingredient to your mom’s cooking is “love”. Love isn’t a tangible ingredient, but that doesn’t stop the food from tasting different anyway. There’s something inherently wonderful about cooking for someone else that cannot be compared to anything else.

It is an act of creation, which is almost always an inspired act. And really, it’s an almost perfect act: it’s creating something new, with someone(s) you care for in mind, that is arguably selfless, and can enhance a person’s happiness, and even bring two or more people together in sharing it. Then there’s the taste. I can’t think of many other actions that have so many elements wrapped neatly in one. So many opportunities for immediate gratification, while still having long term benefits, such as forging connections. There’s a reason why it’s an ancient tradition that has evolved and refined itself in every culture across the world.

And even if you aren’t a great cook, take the risk, and make an attempt with someone. It’s an activity that can easily be shared, and may even be much more enjoyable shared. And see the act of cooking as the reward itself…any successfully created foods are simply the cherry on top, a bonus!

Now maybe I just love food, and eating, but I can honestly say that some of my happiest memories involve delicious food. There’s something about savoring a really good meal, enjoying it with someone, and sharing the experience together. It’s an experience that can often be overlooked because we do it so often, but that really deserves more attention. And giving that perfect eating experience to someone else is a joy of its own.

Create, share, enjoy.

Bon appetit.

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