“To have the momentum to keep going, sometimes you have to stop.”

“To have the momentum to keep going, sometimes you have to stop.”

Taking a Break

After several days of posting about taking life by the horns, wasting no time, and squeezing every precious moment out of every second, I came to realize that all of that is in the context of balance. Equally important is being able to take a break, stopping for a moment, or slowing down, and recharging.

Our society has us in a constant state of “GO GO GO”, such that we find ourselves bombarded by a whirlwind of “DO!!!”. To do the exact opposite, and slow down, or stop entirely, would seem counterproductive at first, until you stop to realize the benefit it can bring.

The most obvious benefit is the fact that by stopping for a bit, you have a chance to recharge from your busy lifestyle. The second benefit, is that our minds are increasingly hardwired to multitask in this day and age. To be able to focus for long periods of time can be a challenge for most, but focus can be attained much more easily following a short break, than if you were still going at full speed. Give your body and mind that chance to switch gears for a bit.

Our minds crave a change in pace in almost everything that we do, and the break is a perfect ‘in between’ for two lengthy periods of singular purpose. It allows your mind to enjoy the change in tempo so that you can restart at full pace.

We feel so overwhelmed by what society throws at us, that to be able to push it all aside for a moment and just STOP once in a while is almost a blessing. It really is a skill that can take as much discipline as working hard does.

Whether you meditate, take a nap, go for a walk, talk with your peers…whatever it is that you do that helps you recharge, do it. Take a moment, stop, change pace for a bit and enjoy doing something else so that you can appreciate what you were doing before. And if you do stop, do it guilt-free, do it in appropriate bursts, and do it with no regrets or worries.

On the road of life, it’s difficult not to want to go at full speed. But sometimes you really have to stop, and refuel, so that your car does not break down before your journey has ended. Slow down so that you can take a moment to really enjoy the scenery around you.

Take a moment and stop, so that you can keep going.

Now That You’ve Stopped For a Bit, Here Are Some Other Stops To Make

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