“Things rarely go as planned. But having patience and persistence ensures that things will work out in the end.”

“Things rarely go as planned. But having patience and persistence ensures that things will work out in the end.”

Patience Persistence

It’s a funny fact of life that things rarely go as planned. What we anticipated, what we predicted, what we planned for, what we hoped for, can often be shattered when things get derailed. And because we’ve invested so much into it, our first temptation is to be discouraged that what happened didn’t meet our expectations.

But like most things in life there is an element of uncertainty and that isn’t inherently a bad thing. As humans, we often get bored with repetition, our minds hungering and craving for something more. While we all desire a certain stability and predictability in our lives, too much of it leaves us wanting more. Uncertainty and unpredictability are two things that keep life interesting. So embrace the challenges that are randomly thrown in your path, and indulge in the fact that for all of our planning and wishful thinking, we can still be surprised.

If we can embrace the momentary surprise, maybe we can re-evaluate the situation and take a careful look at WHY things didn’t work out the way we had planned. This alone gives us insight into what we can do better next time. The more data we have, the better we are at making decisions and planning for the future. When things don’t go according to plan, we are given the opportunity to see the big picture, to learn, to grow, and consider alternatives that we otherwise may not have considered.

But even if things didn’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean that things still can’t work out in the end. In fact, if have just a little bit more patience, and persistence, often the things that didn’t initially go as planned find a way of working out in the end. It may take a little bit longer, but that extra time gives us a chance to learn, to grow, to better ourselves. The delay also helps us really appreciate what we had planned for in the first place. And sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised that something even better resulted from the fact that things did NOT go as planned.

So welcome the random surprises in life that thwart us. Embrace the challenges that you did not foresee. Do not surrender to discouragement. After all, the only way to get experience, is to make mistakes and miscalculations. Be patient. Be persistent. They are the keys to ensure that no matter how plans may have fallen apart around you, you will still remain empowered to put things back together, perhaps even better than originally planned.

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