“Physical clutter can take a mental toll. Clear your clutter to clear your mind.”

“Physical clutter can take a mental toll. Clear your clutter to clear your mind.”


As a pack rat, throwing things away can be very difficult. Sometimes its hard to part with an object, even if parting means putting it where it belongs. But recently, I’ve started to appreciate the value that a clutter-free environment can have. I’ve started to notice that entering a clutter-free room actually relaxes me simply by walking in. It’s almost as if everything has its proper place.

There is a link between physical clutter and mental clutter. For starters, having clutter can often mean a messy room and cleaning up is often one item on our TO DO lists. Simply taking the time to clear that clutter eliminates that item and lets us focus on other, perhaps more pressing issues. It also eliminates one excuse we could be giving ourselves NOT to get some real work done allowing us to get to it sooner (I know I’m guilty of not doing real work because I couldn’t focus on anything but the mess).

But even the act of cleaning has a very nice way of helping cleanse the mind. It’s as if by finding the proper place for every object in the room, or eliminating the things we don’t need, our mind slowly begins to organize itself, as each thought finds its proper place. Everything has its place, and that is a good philosophy to live by any day of the week. Everything has its place in our physical environments, in our minds, and in our lives. It’s important that we find them and clear our mind of distractions.

Sometimes it helps to externalize our internal landscape. And sometimes, dealing with our external landscapes can help us deal with our internal ones as well. Finding the proper place for every item, cleaning up clutter, organizing our spaces, helps us find some clarity in our lives. The act of cleaning up clutter challenges us to question where everything belongs, and perhaps in doing so, we can find the places for our thoughts and emotions.

This is one example of the link between the outside and our internal worlds. Much like an idea begins internally, and can be expressed externally, sometimes the opposite is true as well. Something expressed externally, like clearing your clutter, can manifest itself internally.

So take some time to look around you. Maybe you are where you work, or where you sleep, or where you play. Ask yourself if everything is in its place, or if there is a better place for them. Give yourself the little reward of a clean, clutter-free environment, and a clear mind. Sometimes there is beauty in the simplicity of our surroundings.

If every object has its place, then maybe by putting them where they belong we can find ourselves as well. Happy de-cluttering!

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14 thoughts on ““Physical clutter can take a mental toll. Clear your clutter to clear your mind.”

    1. That’s a great motto! I should have it framed right above my work desk šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the like!

      1. Hi, I was looking for an image to illustrate my blog about clearing out my self-store unit and I came across the screaming woman cartoon on your blog about decluttering. I’m fairly new to blogging and I’m not entirely sure of the etiquette but I hope it’s OK to use the same image. I am very happy to include an acknowledgement and link to this blog as a thank you. By the way, your blog has hit the spot for me! Thank you.

      2. Welcome to the blogsphere! Feel free to use the image, though I can’t claim ownership either. I actually use stock images from the Google Image search; I think most bloggers use that.

        I’m glad my blog is benefiting you positively šŸ™‚

  1. Greetings. I’m a professional organizer: mindful-organizing.com and I would love to post this as text on my site with your name or as a link to just the text. Is this possible?
    Thanks so much. It’s an excellent piece.

  2. Found your blog same way one of your commentors did, by clicking on the image. Am writing a post about helping someone move to a new home and how much “junk” they are moving with them. Am going to use this image as well so you will be getting some more “hits”. Anyway, glad I found you. God bless.

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