“Reconnect with old friends.”

“Reconnect with old friends.”

Old Friends - arunavisworld

Our lives are very busy, and its hard not to get swept away by everything that we have to do. As children, we prioritized play, often preferring it with our friends. As time went on and our priorities shifted, we began to lose sight of those connections, seeing them as expendable because we could simply reconnect “another day”. But just because something is here, doesn’t mean it’s here indefinitely. And just because someone was once a friend, doesn’t mean that they won’t drift apart if you put them off.

Sometimes friends do drift apart as a result of changing lives and priorities. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep those who meant the world to us just a little bit closer? In an age of Facebook, it’s easy to message an old friend, and most people do so regularly. But it’s an entirely different experience to meet with them face to face. Ironically, Facebook takes away from many of the benefits of face to face interaction; there really is no substitute.

Take some time for yourself and trigger a connection with an old friend. Sure, you can use Facebook to initiate the dialogue, but once that dialogue is going, try to meet face to face. Get together, ‘hang out’ like you used to. Indulge momentarily in a time when our priorities were focused more on the relationships we build with people, instead of work. As always, balance should be maintained.

Humans are suckers for nostalgia. We often catch ourselves glancing backwards to a time when things were perhaps simpler, happier, better. Our photo albums are volumes of recorded history with people who once meant something to us…and can mean something to us once again.

A friend is a terrible thing to lose, especially when rekindling a friendship can be so easy. Some friends we simply have to let go of. Times change, and people change with them. But for everyone else, we should not surrender to the great tragedy of procrastinating on our friendships. The smallest effort can rekindle a friendship that has slowly drifted. And sometimes old friends rekindle after many years only to realize that their bonds of friendship are still strong. It takes one to begin the reconnection. Be the one to try.

Make some time to pick up the phone, to type an email, or write a letter to an old friend. If they’re close, make an effort to meet up. If they’re far, catch up and use the tools at your disposal to bring yourself closer to them.

In the end, the things we remember the most and the things that made us happiest, were the moments we shared with friends. Strive to create as many moments like that as possible.

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