“Seek out the stories of your elders.”

“Seek out the stories of your elders.”

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We often take the things that are most accessible to us foregranted. There are so many experiences that we will never experience simply because of the place we live in, or how we live it. But there is a wealth of experiences and stories that our parent and grand parents have that warrant paying attention to.

These are people who lived a generation or two before us. Even before we existed, they were alive and living in a society with somewhat different rules. Or maybe they lived in a completely different place altogether. Many of our parents or grandparents were born in very difficult times, great depressions, world wars, and the like. So many of them have lived long lives filled with so many experiences. And they’re often so eager to share their stories and memories.

Take some time the next time you’re visiting relatives and hear their stories. Let them bestow upon you the stories from generations ago, their joys, their sadnesses, their troubles, their love. Let them give you the gift of their experiences and learn from them. Let them share stories of a time long past, of a time when things were different. Let them give you the benefit of a new perspective, of different ways of thinking, and of experiences that you may never have the chance to experience.

Because no matter how much we think they will be around forever, they too will have their curtain call. Give them the audience that they deserve so that the stories and memories and experiences that made them who they are live on forever in you.

Because I guarantee you that when you reach their age, the thing you’ll want most is to share with your children and grandchildren, the experiences that made you who you are…

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