“We all fall off the bandwagon. Pause for a bit. Shift your thinking. Hop right back on.”

“We all fall off the bandwagon. Pause for a bit. Shift your thinking. Hop right back on.”

Falling on Ice

Sometimes, life happens. Things don’t go according to plan. We fall, we trip, we scrape our knees, we suffer a hiccup in our daily routine. Sometimes we’re just swamped, sometimes something like sickness or depression or just general fatigue gets us down and we feel the desires that normally inspire us, motivate us, come to a sluggish halt. It’s like trying to run in water. Your whole body moves slowly, you can barely breathe, you’re completely overwhelmed.

This happens to all of us at one point or another. Actually, it happens quite frequently over the course of a lifetime. Things just seem to go so wrong and sometimes we really need a time out. We do need to treat ourselves to doing nothing, we need to lift the cloud of responsibility temporarily from our shoulders. But it’s important to use that luxury time wisely.

When we’ve fallen off the bandwagon of our lives, it’s important to pause for a bit and just be. Unburden yourself momentarily from everything that you’re doing, everyone that you’re linked with, and just BE with yourself. Take note of your mental state. Focus on your breathing. Take a holiday. GIVE to yourself a moment of freedom in the chaos. Immerse yourself in the perfect present.

Then, shift your thinking. Slowly begin to look at the events that brought you to where you are, what troubles you had, why you had them. Take some time to use the past and future as tools for reflections. Remind yourself of the things you are good at. Remind yourself of your accomplishments. Remind yourself that despite how difficult things may be right now, they WILL get better. And they’ll get much better, much quicker, if you can muster the strength to pick yourself up and try again. Examine your goals, your hopes, your dreams, and how you can get there. See if there are alternative viewpoints you simply didn’t consider. If there’s a problem slowing you down, try to look at it from a different perspective. Consult a friend for their perspective if you feel comfortable. Find different ways to challenge yourself to view the issue under a new lens, with a new set of eyes, in a new pair of shoes. It could offer you the way out.

Gary Larson - Penguin Banana

And finally, inspire yourself again. Immerse yourself in something that you enjoy. Immerse yourself in the things that give you confidence. Listen to music, watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk, exercise, speak to a friend. Whatever it is, find inspiration in it so that you can jump start your engine, and rekindle the spark that kept you going.

We all fall down. But we gain strength through our suffering if we let ourselves reflect and regain our composure. Learning to pick ourselves back up, remembering that we have strength, and then demonstrating it to ourselves helps build character. And anyway, what is life without a few scraped knees?

The Question Matters - Alfred from Batman
“Why do we fall Master Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

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