“Always backup your data.”

“Always backup your data.”

HowtoGeek - Backup Your Data

Today’s lesson is one that I’m sure many people reading the blog can relate to. It’s obvious, but almost always overlooked, and the premise is very simple. Technology is not invulnerable and can suffer through harm. Because we live in a culture that depends so extensively on technology, and computers in particular, any harm they suffers harms us in turn. There was probably an age where people did not have to fret over the problem of lost data, but that age seems to have come and gone. Now we have to worry about the data on our computers, from infection, corruption, or deletion.

We all know what it’s like to try and access something only to find that its been deleted. How many of us have pulled out our hair in terror and rage at the realization that once again our computer has crashed, taking with it weeks, months, or even years of data. It’s just stressful, and we are part to place for our dependence on these technologies, and for not taking the initiative to ensure that if we lose our data, we can always replace it.

So today’s lesson isn’t so much spiritual, or philosophical, as it is practical. And it’s very easy to do. Take some time off as soon as you can and backup your data. Whether its on your computer, on your smartphone, or somewhere else, make copies, duplicate everything, and make sure you take care to ensure THAT copy is protected as well.

Technology provides us with so many benefits that we often take those benefits foregranted. That is until it is taken away from us. Ensure you don’t lose the data that matters to you. Make a backup! NOW! So you don’t end up like this guy…

Teknowlodgy - Data Loss

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