“Give your life some structure, so that you can design it yourself.”

“Give your life some structure, so that you can design it yourself.”

As the old expression goes “idle hands are the devil’s tools”. When we have significant freedom we can find ourselves lost because little that we do really has any immediate consequence. We all crave to break out of our rigid lifestyles, so why suggest that our lives need even MORE structure? Structure doesn’t necessarily imply lack of flexibility. What structure means is to recognize that your time is finite in any given day, and trying to maximize those few hours to do what it is you want.

It’s easy to get sidetracked when we aren’t faced with deadlines. Why do anything in the immediate when we have all the time in the world? The problem with this mentality is that although in the short term it can provide us a break and rejuvenate us, over time, it can result in procrastination on life itself.

Giving life some structure allows you to define your priorities, your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, your goals, or just “stuff that you want to do”, and give yourself the ability to achieve them. It’s easy to sit back and let things happen to you. But you get your money’s worth since very little gets done. But if you take charge and add a little bit of structure, you can achieve much more than if you were sitting back.

It’s true that we have fewer hours in our days with our busy and hectic lives. But if anything is important, time needs to be made for it. Yes, this can involve shuffling things around a bit, but by giving your life the structure it needs to create time for that task, the task can get done. Maybe the task is learning a new language, or spending more time with friends and family. Whatever the task is, if you can structure it within your day, you can lay the groundwork for getting it done.

Life can be as much like a building as it is a road. As infants, we lay down much of the groundwork that determines the rest of our lives. Whether we have too much time, or too little time on our hands, giving our lives some structure can allow us to design it however we want. Before building anything, a lot of work goes into planning the building. Life doesn’t need THAT much planning for things to get done, but it does need some.

Life won’t always give you the time you need to do the things you want most. You have to actively make an effort to MAKE the time. Sometimes, life will give you so much time that you feel you can let time slip through your fingers because there is an abundance of supply. But having some structure ensures that whatever time you do let slip through your fingers isn’t wasted. After all, a second wasted is a second you can never get back. And adding a bit of structure allows you to build the framework for something great, still allowing you to design whatever you can dream up.

Happy building.

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2 thoughts on ““Give your life some structure, so that you can design it yourself.”

  1. I like this view. Having a goal, then building a road towards that goal through planning provides the focus.

    1. From my own experiences, without a goal (no matter how generic or specific), I tend to drift and waste time. Having an idea of where I want to end up helps orient me better to get there.

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