“Smile at the people you meet.”

“Smile at the people you meet.”

Often the simplest things in life can make the biggest difference. Take smiling for example. It’s a very simple act that can go a long way…so simple in fact that it’s one of the first things we do as infants…long before we learned how to speak, or walk. A truly genuine smile has a strange effect on others. They see you smile and often want to share in your joy. That’s the up-side of empathy, this desire to share with one another. And smiling falls into this category.

Today I was out trying to find parts to fix the kitchen faucet and I noticed that my mood picked up with every cashier that gave me a smile. I was frustrated at the broken faucet, but quickly felt a mood shift whenever someone would smile at me. So I decided to start smiling back. In a line at a store, 3 people were helped by the cashier, and none of them seemed to be smiling. When it was my turn, I decided to smile and she smiled right back. As I was putting things in a bag, I noticed the cashier smiling at the person behind me, who smiled back…and the circle continued…

Kitty Smile

We see so many people on our day to day journeys: there are people at the office, there are people at home, there are people in the supermarkets, food stores, and even on the streets. There are people all around us and although we may not think much of it, a simple smile can go a long way for each and every one of them. When was the last time you saw someone who gave you a genuine smile? How did that make you feel? Odds are it made you feel good.

The smile, often coupled with eye contact, can be a friendly acknowledgement. It can be a very powerful gesture that says: “I appreciate the fact that you exist.” And you never know…maybe someone’s difficult day can be reversed if they received a genuine smile.

Grumpy Baby Smile

The next time you’re out in public, smile, genuinely. Smile at the cashiers you come across. Smile at the people who live in your building. Smile at your co-workers, and see if they smile back. You may be surprised at how contagious a smile can be…Sometimes just being smiled at is a reason to smile right back…

When was the last time you smiled, and what triggered it?

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