“Tap into the best parts of yourself. May the fourth be with you.”

“Tap into the best parts of yourself. May the fourth be with you.”

We all have our favourite movies, or heroes, or villains. One of out best qualities as humans is our knack for storytelling. We don’t have the ability to pass down skills like many other species in the world do, so we’ve compensated by passing down skills and experiences through storytelling.

Sometimes these stories are non-fiction, based on actual lives lived. Other times, these stories are based on the imagination of one or more people who dared to dream.


Take a moment today and think about what stories or heroes have inspired you. It can be a real person, like Martin Luther King Jr, or fictional like Luke Skywalker. Ask yourself who these people are that have inspired you, that you look up to. Then ask yourself why they appeal to you the way they do. Why do they call out to you, why can you relate to them? What strengths do they have, and how many of those do you wish you had, or already have?

On a subconscious level we are drawn to the characters in our stories without even really knowing why. But often its because they are relatable, or inspiring to us for reasons that are associated with our own qualities, or qualities we aspire to have. In this way, our heroes and stories are reflective of the best parts of all of us, and are as close as can be, despite being “a galaxy far, far away.”


So to celebrate May 4th, and Star Wars day, I want you to look at the people in the stories you’ve indulged in (book, movie, verbal tales, etc…) who inspire you, and ask yourself why they have the effect that they do. Whether you want to fight for the rebels against an evil empire, or ensure equality for all people regardless of race, take the time today to tap into and understand the best parts of yourself.

May the fourth be with you…

Who are some of the people you look up to? What about them inspires you?

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