“If you did it once, then you can do it again.”

“If you did it once, then you can do it again.”

There are moments in each of our lives where we are at our best. We have pushed ourselves beyond what we thought we could handle, and were pleasantly surprised to find how well we could cope. We pushed through despite tragedy, surprising ourselves with our own strength, and character. We did something that we once only dreamed about. All of these moments stand out to us as unique, as a time when we demonstrated that we were much more capable than we could have ever imagined.

But these moments don’t have to be fleeting. We think that just because what we did was so unique, so deviant from what is the norm, that it cannot be replicated. Certainly, every situation has its own unique factors that helped contribute to your success. Maybe it was a particularly good day when you were feeling confident. Maybe you had the support of friends and family directly. Maybe something had happened to trigger a sudden motivation to be more than you currently were. With so many factors, its hard to imagine how these moments can be repeated.


They can be. The factors may not be the same, but ultimately most of the credit for the act goes to YOU, the person who (perhaps against all odds) acted. And if you could do it once, then you can certainly do it again. The conditions, although somewhat relevant, were not what gave you strength, were not completely what can be credited for your success. Ultimately, YOU are the only person who can choose to repeat what happened.

Even if all the circumstances were right, and all the factors were lined up, it all still comes down to choice. And much in the same way that you can choose to replicate a moment where you were the best possible version of yourself, you can easily choose not to. These unique moments demonstrate to us that we are much more than we appear to be, that we are capable of so much more than we think we are, and that we CAN better ourselves.

After all, if something is done once, then the next time it can be easier. And the same with the time after that. We are constantly evolving, changing, taking in what life throws at us. And throughout all this change, we can still surprise ourselves in the most remarkable ways possible. Seek to maximize those moments, and you will slowly make habit of who you are at your very best.


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