“Contrast develops the flavour of life.”

“Contrast develops the flavour of life.”

I’ve been absent lately because I came down with a horrible flu and fever. Today is the first day that I started feeling better, and despite still feeling weak, I realized that I am feeling MUCH better than anticipated likely because of having been down with a fever the past few days. And that got me thinking…there are so many contrasts in life that help us truly appreciate it, and so many things in our lives that may not exist without a “contrastable” position.

Take for example, health. At no time do you feel most appreciative about it, than during that first day following a sickness when things start to feel normal again (take my word for it haha). The contrast between sickness and health helps us put an even more positive light on the health that we everyday take forgranted. How about that first bite of food after you’ve been hungry for a while, or the first drink after being very thirsty, or seeing family or friends after a long period of not having had them in your life.

All of these have/have nots are contrasts, and without these periods of have not, without periods of lacking (whether it is lacking health, lacking happiness, lacking purpose), we would lose much of the flavour in our lives. There is so much that we take forgranted because of our amazing ability to adapt. That seems to be basic human nature. But throwing in the moments where we are challenged, or deprived, accents their worth and reminds us of how important they are to us to begin with.

Black and White Kiss

Contrasts, like many of the challenges or ‘downers’ in our lives still have a purpose. Despite how disappointing these moments can be, their serve as the most important reminder of all: not to take forgranted the things that value most in life. Like night and day, contrast binds the good and bad in our lives in a fundamentally important way. A balanced dose of both good and bad are needed in our lives.

And maybe that is one of the most effective ways of living life…reminding yourself that despite its length, it is still finite, and like a roller coaster ride that makes you laugh and cry and scream, it too will end.

Take a moment RIGHT NOW to appreciate some of the things you’ve taken forgranted. Take a moment RIGHT NOW to appreciate the ride you’re on now. Because once its over, you can’t just get in line again.

Monk Coaster

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