“Stand in the sunlight for a few minutes.”

“Stand in the sunlight for a few minutes.”

Because I’ve been indoors and in bed for the past week, and because the weather was gorgeous today, I decided to step outside and just stand in the backyard with the sun beaming down on me. I must have spent only 5 minutes out there in the afternoon sun, but coming back indoors I felt as if I’d napped for 50 minutes.


In our excessively indoor lifestyles, we often forget the power and warmth of the sun. Drawn in by our artificial lighting that can deprive the meaning of night and day, we’ve lost a little contact with the sun. It’s also why there seems to be an epidemic of vitamin C deficiency amongst many of my peers.

But we don’t give the sunlight enough of a chance in our lives. Sure, the weather has been unpredictable lately, and there’s no telling how long the sun will last before some cloud swoops in to rain on our parade, but as long as its out there, take a small mini break and step outside into the sun. Close your eyes and just let the warm rays of the sun beam down on your body, warming it up. You can’t simulate that with warm heat lamps. Nothing else can come quite as close. Our bodies were made to enjoy a little bit of sunshine each and every day, and in our hectic schedules, we often forget this little fact.

Schedule in 5 minutes of sun, to brighten up the rest of your day 😉


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