“Make the most of your most inspired moments.”

“Make the most of your most inspired moments.”

We all have them: they are moments where we seem to get a kick start internally, where from out of nowhere, we get a burst of energy and strength or inspiration. Suddenly, what was previously difficult becomes easy. These moments of sudden inspiration ought not to be wasted (like any moment in life in fact), but particular attention should be paid to them because of how arbitrarily they can come, and how arbitrarily they can leave…

The problem with these moments is that they can be unpredictable. Caught in an idle daydream, you may suddenly find yourself solving a problem that had been bothering you for weeks. Or maybe stuck behind the wide wall of writer’s block, suddenly a road clears up and you find you know exactly how and what to write about.

If you let these moments come and go, you will be missing out on a wonderful opportunity. If you let these moments come, they will come, but once they’ve arrived, grab onto them and make the most of them while they’re there. Don’t worry about how long it will last, or whether another moment like it will come alone…focus only on the inspiration and motivation it has given you, and extract every precious second of hyperdrive.

They may be fleeting, but even a second of hyperdrive style inspiration can get you much farther along than all the time in the world.


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