“Make note of your ideas.”

“Make note of your ideas.”

In a followup to yesterday’s post, I realized that everyday we have random little nuggets of ideas that come and go. We could be sitting doing work when suddenly a great idea for a screenplay pops into our heads, or a little piece of insightful wisdom, or the idea for a wonderful new product. These are all ideas, and all of them should be remembered for future reference.

Make a book, start a file on your phone, do something that allows you to take note of your ideas. It doesn’t matter what the idea is, just make sure that you have it down somewhere. We have so many brilliant ideas in a lifetime that just fade away with us when we do. Keeping track of them ensures that we never lose them through the passage of time, and that maybe we can revisit them later on in our lives.

Ape Thinking

An idea can be a powerful thing. It can begin entire revolutions, or inspire the hearts of millions. It can be a movie, a doodle, a book, a play, or random hilarity that is worth sharing with others. Whatever the idea is, don’t let it slip through your fingers, or be erased. Make note of it in one place so accessing all of your ideas is easy.

Ideas can also be fragments of dreams that we just happen to remember. Find a way to record as much of your dreams as you can, because like ideas, dream fragments can nourish us in ways we can’t even imagine. Recording our dreams also helps us remember them, and remember more of dreams as time goes on. How many times have you felt that you had an amazing dream, but can’t remember at all what it was about or what happened? It could be your next brilliant idea.

Regardless of what your reasoning is, make notes of your ideas. Allow your thoughts the freedom of being expressed. In doing so, you not only process the idea/thought/dream, but you understand it better. Give longer life to your ideas. Give them the place that they deserve, rather than allowing them to fade. Revisit old ideas. Express new ones. Have fun doing it.


2 thoughts on ““Make note of your ideas.”

  1. Laughing very loudly – how many times have I woken at 5am with a beautifully written blog post right there in my mind? Go back to sleep, wake up again and it is gone! Since starting my blog, I have come to the conclusion that I need a notebook and pencil chained to my hand so that I can write down things as they come to me…………all my best posts are written in my dreams or at inopportune moments, never to be remembered or published………..

    1. Absolutely! Sometimes when I don’t have my notebook, I jot things down on my phone and transfer it over. As for dreams, I started recording them on my phone since my writing while half-sleep was illegible 😛

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