“Find out what works for you.”

“Find out what works for you.”

I’ve always had a bit of trouble meditating in the traditional “sit with your knees bent, focus on your breathing, clear your mind” method. For whatever reason, it’s just never really worked and has left me feeling more anxious than before. A few months ago, I decided that rather than forcing myself to try and do what I had read and heard, I would try to explore different ways of meditating that would work for me. And a few days later, I found it! Now I meditate at my desk, listening to the sound of rain, and doodling without any purpose in my sketchbook. My mind has never been more clear, and I have never been more relaxed.


But this lesson goes to show that what others may recommend may not always work for us. We are all diverse individuals with different tastes and habits, why should we expect that what works for some must work for us? Often we may be tempted to assume we are doing something wrong which is why things haven’t worked out. Sometimes the reason things haven’t worked out is because they simply aren’t the right fit for us.

It’s eye opening to see what works for others and try it on for size. But if we know ourselves, and know that something does not work, we should seek out alternatives, and even see if we can creatively come up with our own ingenious methods. This all ties in with an exploration of self and the process helps us truly understand our motivations, our desires, our hopes, our dreams.

So the next time something just isn’t working out for you, try something different. Challenge yourself to be creative and innovative enough to find something that works for you.

The old expression is: “Don’t try and reinvent the wheel”: but I would say: “Find a wheel that works better for you.”

Reinvent the Wheel

4 thoughts on ““Find out what works for you.”

  1. I think you may be on the other side of the world to me so I don’t know whether you have heard of an Australian psychiatrist called Ainslie Meares, prominent in the mid 20th century who promoted meditation (under a different name) when it was still mostly unheard of in the western world. So that is where I started a long time ago. Currently, I start my practice with a body scan and then slip into Meares mode so I guess you would call it a combination of mindfulness and Meares. I have tried watching the breath and watching thoughts but never last very long with it, particularly watching the breath. I do like the body scan tho’………..

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