“Take some time to organize your time to save some time.”

“Take some time to organize your time to save some time.”

Last night, I was thinking about how I could start the week organized. So I decided to make a “to do” list to keep track of everything like I normally do. But this time instead of just writing them, I make a little schedule allowing for breaks as well. Today when the day began, I stuck with the schedule as much as I could, and ended up saving myself a LOT of time because of the focus a little schedule gave.

A little stucture can have massive benefits as today demonstrated. Its easy to get sidetracked when you don’t have an immediate purpose, or even if you do, if you feel like you have all the time in the world to do it. That’s how procrastination happens for me: feeling like there is all the time in the world, I push everything later and later until I am close to the deadline. But spending the time to structure my day a little more as I did last night created an artificial deadline to get things done. And a deadline, artificial or not, isn’t something I like zooming by me.

There was also another benefit of structuring things: autopilot and focus. Having a schedule allowed me to focus on the things that I had to do in that immediate moment, without worrying about the things coming up. I had scheduled more time than allotted for things so that if I did finish early, I could move onto the next item on the list.


I remember the days when I used to play games that required you to go on missions and side-quests. In those games, a little journal entry was kept with a check mark next to it about all the things that you had to do. I found it exhilarating to go through and complete as many of the missions as I could within a given time. This was much the same experience. Because I was focused on the task, I could get it done without distractions. Scheduling in break time allowed me to have a time to distract myself. And there was something exciting about getting everything done, and scratching things off on the list as I went.

In short, everything had its place. Finding those places saved me a lot of time and I ended up finishing everything an hour or two earlier than I normally do without the structure. And with that extra free time, well…the sky is the limit 😉

Give a little structure to your tasks and see if you can squeeze out some more free time to do whatever you want with.

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