“Don’t stress over wait times, make use of them!”

“Don’t stress over wait times, make use of them!”

Line ups, traffic jams, wait times. We’ve all experienced them in our lives, perhaps as often as daily. While our lives seem to be speeding by, these inconvenient little buggers force things to slow down, sometimes to a halt. We curse, we scream, we kick, hoping to move things along, but sometimes to no avail. But wait times aren’t all that bad. They can give you the opportunity to do a few mundane tasks that you may otherwise not have time for in your busy day.

If you’re waiting in a line up/cue for example, you could pull out the book you’ve slowly been reading. You could read the daily news on your phone. You could start a conversation with the people around you. You could even meditate (I’ve seen it done before!). Personally, I take the time to reply to emails on my phone that I may not have had time for up until now. I will catch up on the news, or with friends. When all is said and done, every minute you squeeze out of a wait time is one more minute you have to do something else.


If you’re in a traffic jam, don’t fret. I often keep several podcasts on my phone/mp3 player to keep me company while in the car. A traffic jam is unavoidable. All the honking and sweating and cursing in the world won’t make it go away. So rather than stress, use the time to relax. Listen to some music that you enjoy. Listen to a podcast on a topic of your interest. You could learn a new language with podcasts as well.

It seems almost backwards to stress during a slow period, and then hope for a slow period when you return to work, or when you get home. We are constantly in GO GO GO mode in this speedy age. Wait times can be a blessing in disguise, a slow moment for you to quickly recharge so that you have time and energy to do the things you want.

Rather than stressing while you wait for the wait time to be over, do something to help pass the time! Indulge in a slower moment!

What are some of the things you do to help pass the time when life forces you to slow down? Comment below!

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4 thoughts on ““Don’t stress over wait times, make use of them!”

  1. Excellent advice! I have a fairly long commute to and from work each day, so I have learned to make the most of my “car time”. I try to keep my iPhone full of podcasts and audio books, I am even beginning to relearn French! Thanks for the great post!

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