“When opportunities fall into your lap, be ready to pounce.”

“When opportunities fall into your lap, be ready to pounce.”

Often in our lives we have to go out and find opportunities for ourselves. With the right mix of patience and persistence, we can find the opportunities that inch us closer to achieving our dreams. Every so often however, an opportunity seems to fall out of the sky and right onto your lap. Be prepared for these moments, so that when they present themselves, you can take them.

It is hard to predict what opportunities will fall down on us, or when. Predicting when they will isn’t the point. The point is being in the right frame of mind as often as possible to make the most of an opportunity. One of the first things that can get in the way is fear or anxiety. We regard consistency as a point of stability in our lives and when that consistency and predictability is threatened (even if for a good reason), we may feel slightly insecure, and resort to our previous habits in favour of consistency. In short, we may miss out on an opportunity because it fell into our laps when we least expected it.

It’s important to do a quick evaluation of what the opportunity is, and what consequences there will be if you take it. If its something like a job offer in another country, it may warrant a bit more analysis to evaluate all of your options. Before you reject the offer, or commit yourself to not pursuing it, give it a little thought to see what benefits it can have, and what drawbacks may result.


Like many things in life, keeping an open mind when an opportunity presents itself is the best way to give it a fair chance. In doing so, we push aside the immediate reaction of “this throws everything off…better not do it”, and instead welcome thoughts about how it can integrate into our lives and help us take an extra step towards whatever it is we want to accomplish.

Don’t let a closed mind act as a closed door on opportunities. Keep an open mind, evaluate your options, trust in yourself, and if things align, POUNCE. Have no regrets, don’t second guess yourself, don’t doubt yourself. As quickly as opportunities present themselves, they can also disappear. But if they do, don’t fret. Part of the reason we seek out opportunities is to ensure that we aren’t left high and dry. There will be other opportunities, and either they too will fall into your lap, or you will find them. Either way, you win. It could be good to take a little risk.

Sometimes fortune favours the bold. 😉

2 thoughts on ““When opportunities fall into your lap, be ready to pounce.”

  1. I recently wrote about something similar on my blog. I agree though, it’s too easy to get bogged down in a routine. I often find myself looking askance on new opportunities because they break up the life I know so well. It’s definitely a challenge to break out of the comfort zone, but we have to do it from time to time. It’s good for us.

    1. Your past few posts touched on a lot of the themes in my opportunities post! Thanks for the comment and for the insights in your blog *following*

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