“Sometimes the only way to get over a bad day is to sleep on it.”

“Sometimes the only way to get over something is to sleep on it.”

We all have those days where things don’t seem to go right. Despite our best efforts, despite fighting back at every turn, the day seems to throw more and more at us. At times it can feel overwhelming. Other times we may shut down entirely. Sometimes it can be difficult not to think about all the things that happened to us, and how we could have reacted better, or handled things better. The trouble is, hindsight is 20/20, and obsessing over how things should have gone better but didn’t will not change how things turned out.

While we do need to process our thoughts, and learn from the experiences of the day, its almost impossible to draw anything meaningful when we’re obsessing over it, or when our mind isn’t clear. There’s just too much internal chatter, too many clashing thoughts.

Sometimes the only remedy to the obsessive mind is to just sleep on it and welcome a new day, and a new start. At the end of the day we are tired, and spent from the events of the day. Many times the fatigue can actually prevent any sort of lesson to be learned. This is why it can be important to just let things go, get some sleep, and re-assess them with a fresh mind. The hours of sleep that we get can themselves be a way to clear our minds allowing for proper reflection.

Rather than obsessing or over-thinking, accept that this day may not offer any new opportunities to address the problem. Give yourself the chance to look at things from a different perspective on a new day, after a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping Man

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