“For a burst of creativity, clear your mind first.”

“For a burst of creativity, clear your mind first.”

Our lives can be very structured sometimes. We go to work or class, we come home. We’re often told by society or others around us how to act, how to behave, how to think. All of this can make it difficult to find those moments of creative inspiration. It can take the form of writer’s block, or even apathy. To get around this, it can be helpful to clear your mind first.

Clearing your mind can happen in many ways. Some people meditate. Others go on walks. Some talk to others. Amusingly enough, others still write to clear their mind (which can then help them do the writing they were intending to do before the writer’s block kicked in). Whatever the method you have, try it to clear your mind so that you can give creativity a chance to flow.

Sometimes the barrier to creative thought isn’t a lack of creativity, its noise. With so much on our minds, constantly thinking, constantly doing, it can be hard to pull our a coherent idea, nevermind one that is inspired. Clearing your mind can help dim the noise a bit, create a blank page in your mind to fill with whatever idea you have in the works.

Writers Block

It can also help focus you. Noise can be very distracting, and can turn your thoughts from what should be a steady stream to a jumbled mess of tangents with little to no connection. Clearing your mind beforehand ensures that the next task you attempt has as much of your attention as possible.

Clearing your mind can also help relax you. Tension can be a big player in blocking the creative flow of ideas. Tension can stem from anywhere, conscious or unconscious. It can be your thoughts about something that happened that day, or subconsciously a concern you may always have. All of that adds to noise as well. The very pressure to begin something creative can also be a source of pressure which is counterproductive. Don’t feel any pressure to come up with something creative. Creativity is about letting ideas flow naturally.

Give yourself a chance to breathe, a chance to clear your mind. Give your creativity the proper chance it needs to become a reality.

Creativity Explosion

2 thoughts on ““For a burst of creativity, clear your mind first.”

  1. [ Smiles ] Silence helps.

    Luckily for me, I can write in both noisy and quiet conditions.

    You post was fun to read!

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