“Find the hidden gems in your city.”

“Find the hidden gems in your city.”

When you think about the city you live in, what are some of the locations that make the city special for you? What are some of the locations that you have many memories in? Odds are, regardless of what city or town you live in, there is a place in it that you really enjoy spending time in. In a town, it can be the local hangout spot. In a larger city, finding that special gem can be difficult sometimes with so many streets, and shops and people.

City exploring is a favorite past time of mine. In a larger city like the one I live in, just talking a walk without any real destination reveals so many new locations that its almost hard to keep track of. I’ve started a habit of taking note of some of them (restaurants, shops, etc). But aside from walking around, there are many other ways to find those hidden gems.

Cafe Du Marche

Ask around: friends, family, and maybe even strangers you meet here or there. Find out what their gems in the city are. Odds are they have different favorites that maybe you haven’t even heard of. Look online: there are many different forums and articles written by people who have been to many of the city’s gems. A google search can easily help you find a few recommendations. And if you have a little bit of time, explore the streets you’ve never been to, or the areas you’ve never ventured. You never know what you’ll find.

The cities we live in continue to expand and grow. If you find a small mom and pop store that you really love, suggest it to your friends and family. Advertise your interest on Twitter of Facebook. Write a positive review so that others can indulge in what is offered. In a world where so many larger companies are popping up all around us, finding and supporting those hidden gems takes us back to a much more relaxed time where quality was more important than quantity. These small stores can give us a diversity and uniqueness the bigger brand names may not be able to offer anymore.

A city may have a lot to offer. But its these little gems that give the city its character. Explore the city’s character. Find the hidden gems. And don’t forget to share them with others 😉

Skating Rink

2 thoughts on ““Find the hidden gems in your city.”

  1. This is a great post! There is so much truth to everything that was mentioned here, and although we think we know everything about the cities we live in there is always something new to find. I currently live in San Francisco and no matter how many times I venture out in the city; there is always a new place I come across. I really like the idea of writing down a place you see if you aren’t able to try it out, I find that a good majority of time I will see a place and sadly end up forgetting about it. When you are able to find a place worth talking about it is a great idea to spread the info to friends and family. Not only does it help build the business, but also in return you may find out other good locations from your friends. Everyone should get the chance to get out and adventure around his or her city, not only does it give you the chance to eat at the little gems you already know about, but it also gives you opportunity to broaden your horizon and try the new un-adventured lands that you surround yourself in everyday. One thing I have found that I do, is instead of going to restaurants that I have been to before I will go and try a new place when I go out with friends. Not only is this a good way to spend time with friends, but I am also able to try the new restaurants that were written down to go back to.

    1. That’s a VERY good idea. We have a tendency to go to places we are most comfortable, which takes away from the exploration of the new. A great way to avoid that is to break free from what’s comfortable and try out a new restaurant/location. Great insights!

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