“Negate writer’s block by seeking out inspiration, or inquiry.”

“Negate writer’s block by seeking out inspiration, or inquiry.”

Writer’s block happens to all of us. Doesn’t matter whether we’re writing for fun, for work, an essay, or a letter to someone…Writer’s block is unbiased and undiscriminatory. And when it targets you, it can be hard to run away from which can completely block the creative process.

I’ve found that the best way to overcome writer’s block is to ignite your inspiration. Writer’s block seems to have difficulty affecting someone who is inspired to express something because the flow of ideas simply pours forth. This lesson is a collection of many different tactics I’ve used that can help get the flow of creativity going again when writer’s block takes hold. Here are some things that may work:

1. Stop trying to write. Go for a walk, meditate, do something different and then return.
2. Listen to music that inspires you.
3. Have a discussion with a friend, bounce off ideas.
4. Read a favorite passage from a book, watch a favorite part of a movie.

If none of these tactics work, I usually visit my “inspiration hub” websites. These are sites that have always triggered some thought, which often helps the blankness of writer’s block go away. I often end up writing some thoughts about what I’ve seen or read on one of these sites below, and that act alone seems to trigger the burst of creativity I need. Seek inspiration. Then, inquire: how do these blogs make you feel? What do they make you think about? Sometimes creativity just needs a little push to get going…

Thought Questions
Makes Me Think
Post Secret
Inspired Thoughts
The Chosen Words
Daily Dose of Imagery
Found Magazine
Surviving the World
1000 Awesome Things

How do YOU overcome writer’s block? Comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

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