“Learn to write for fun.”

“Learn to write for fun.”

Throughout the day, we have to write for a variety of tasks. We prepare reports, memos, research, take notes, all of which require writing. But the more we write in these formats, the harder it may become to just let ourselves write creatively, and for fun. As important as it is to exercise our minds and bodies, its a good idea to exercise your ability to just write without inhibition.

Maybe its writing a letter, maybe its writing in a journal, maybe its just writing in point form, prose, or story. Whatever it is, practice the art of writing so that you give your mind a chance to explore without the confines of the usual structures of reports or essays.

It doesn’t take much time, or effort, at least not first…and if it really does take effort to simply write, then its a good idea to make it routine so you don’t lose the freedom to be creative. Set aside 10-15 minutes (or more if you want) each day to clear your mind by taking whats in it (troubles, worries, hopes, dreams, events that happened during the day), and putting it out on a page.

In a short while, you will have a record of your thoughts, hopes, dreams, a reflection of the person you are. Many years down the road, you will be thankful you spent a little bit of time on yourself. Externalizing the internal helps us process it, and writing is a perfect way to channel it.

It really doesn’t matter what it is you write, as long as it is written instinctively. Don’t worry about perfect grammar, don’t worry about bad hand writing, don’t worry about the quality of writing. Write without inhibition. Close your mind to the distractions around you, and just write. Without any barriers holding you back, you will be writing honestly, and straight from the heart.

Create without restriction. And have fun doing it.

Live to Write

2 thoughts on ““Learn to write for fun.”

  1. I used to lead groups in The Artist’s Way, and one of the tasks is a daily 2-3 page dumping, first thing in the morning. Not that I ever disliked writing, but it was SO lovely to have that to look forward to each morning (with a cup of tea or coffee) – a great way to learn to like writing!

    1. I usually write in the evening after a good workout followed by some quiet time. I’ve always wanted to shift it to the morning though…maybe I’ll shift it in!

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