“Take a moment to reflect on national pride.”

“Take a moment to reflect on national pride.”

Today is Canada Day. In 3 days it will be Independence Day in the US. In both countries, people will be celebrating the birth of their nation with the waving of flags, loud cheering, and a sign of tremendous national pride.

But behind the very strong sense of connectedness that people may feel today (and on other dates that represent the birth of other nations), its a good practice to stop and pause for a moment and invest a few minutes into remembering WHY you have pride in your nation.

Give yourself a moment on those days, and pause. What is it about your country that makes it worth celebrating? Is it the people? Is it the history? Is it the culture? Is it all of the above? Something more? Perhaps something else entirely?

What are the things that make you proud to call yourself a citizen of that nation? What are the things that make you proud to be there? What are the reasons that you or your families migrated to where you are now? Greater freedom? Better health care? Better education? Freedom from harsh weather conditions? Oppression?

Whatever it is that fills your heart with a sense of national pride, take a moment and understand it, and appreciate it. Remember what and why it is you are celebrating.

…and then return to the thunderous applause of your fellow nation members.

Happy Canada Day to everyone in Canada!

Canada Day Ottawa

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