“Teach someone something new.”

“Teach someone something new.”

There are few joys as beneficial to the self, and to others, as teaching. There are many stages of understanding something, and it is said that being able to teach someone truly demonstrates that you have grasped the information. But beyond that, it also reinforces what you have learned, and helps you process it even better. That’s the benefit to the self.

Teaching others gives them the benefit of the information you already know. Taking the time also shows your enthusiasm, and your desire to teach them, which has a tiny feelgood effect as well for everyone involved. They walk away having learned something new, and you walk away having learned how to communicate and articulate what you’ve learned. Everyone wins.

Take some time today and think about the things you have learned. They can be philosophical, inspirational, or topic related. It can be a skill that comes naturally to you, or something that you have made a habit. What are some things you are very knowledgeable about? Who can benefit from that knowledge? Then, think of the reverse: what are some things you would like to learn? Who are some of the people who know enough about the topic to teach you?

There is something truly remarkable about teaching, and learning between friends. Humans aren’t born knowing many of the skills they use in their lifetime, and although the most basic skills we figure out ourselves, the ones that allow us to function and contribute to society are those we have learned through others. As children, we have no shame asking for instruction. It’s why children are infamous for that wonderfully enlightened question: “WHY?” Don’t shy away from learning, or teaching. Continue that wonderful cycle, and teach, and learn, and enjoy doing it while you’re at it!


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