“We are our parents’ children.”

“We are our parents’ children.”

Pretty obvious statement right? And it doesn’t matter if we have adoptive or biological parents, we still are their children. The debate continues over whether nature or nurture is the predominant factor in determining who we are, but there can be no denying that our parents do contribute significantly to who we end up.

Take a moment right now and look at your parents. Do they have qualities that you see in yourself? These qualities can be positive, or negative. The most obvious one can be physical features (if you’re biologically related), but perhaps more importantly are personality traits. What are some of the quirky things that parents do that you’ve noticed yourself doing?

This is an important exercise because it really helps you consider the possibility of where some of your best and worst qualities may have originated from (that isn’t to say that you dump all the blame or credit to them). By recognizing similar traits in your parents, you can determine whether you’ve acquired some of their more, or less attractive qualities. It’s important to recognize this because its so rare that we get a mirror clear enough to see ourselves in it. Parents can offer this mirror (and we are mirrors onto them as well). Take a look into the mirror and see what qualities you have that you’ve noticed they also share. Are they good? Are they bad? How can you improve on both?

Of course, despite genetics, or upbringing, we are all ultimately masters of our own destiny. See a personality trait in your parents that you share which you don’t like? Acknowledge it within yourself, and change it. See a personality trait you like, and would like to integrate in yourself, inquire about it, practice it, and slowly let it integrate itself into your life.

In essence, parents are teachers, whether or not we want them to be. They can teach and influence us not only through example, but also as examples of what NOT to do. Take a look in the mirror. What do you see?

Parents and Baby

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