“Visualize the good in your life.”

“Visualize the good in your life.”

I’m still trying out different kinds of meditation. I know that many different techniques suggest that you try to clear your mind, but recently I’ve found that filling your mind can be equally (if not more) beneficial…But WHAT you fill your mind with is critical since it can set the tone for the rest of your day.

I was trying to clear my mind when a thought entered my mind from a moment when I was happiest. Rather than try to push it out in favour of “mind quiet”, I decided to let it stay for a few moments. It was followed by another very happy thought, and then shortly after that, another. In what felt like only a minute, 10 minutes had rushed by, and I had been thrust into a series of very positive, happy, memories.

When I was done the meditation, I found that my spirits were very high, and that there was much that I had to be thankful and appreciative of. The troubles of the day had completely vanished, to be replaced with something much more useful, much more beneficial.

Regardless of whether you are meditating or not, take a few minutes, 5-10 maybe, and let your mind wander into some of the happiest memories you have. Let yourself indulge in them, let yourself get lost in them for the moment. There are few things more rewarding than a reminder of a time when you were happiest, and knowing that simply by accessing that joy, your present can be influenced as well.

Happy Mediator

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