“Seek out opportunities to make the perfect gesture”

“Seek out opportunities to make the perfect gesture.”

Sometimes the perfect gesture means the world to a person. It’s wonderful to receive that perfect gift, or hear the perfectly timed words you need. Even more wonderful and empowering is being on the end to give the gift, or say those perfect words. When things fall into place, everyone is happy, so seek out opportunities to make the perfect gesture.

What is the perfect gesture? Having paid attention to the world around you, to your friends, and family, and being able to do something for them at the perfect moment, in the perfect way. Maybe someone really needs guidance on something, and you find them the perfect professional to speak to. Maybe someone has secretly been eyeing a book, game, or clothing, and surprising them with it makes their month. Maybe someone close really needed a hug, but was too afraid to ask for it.

The perfect gesture requires you to look around you and be attentive to the needs and wants of others. It is a completely compassionate act that is rooted in seeing someone else happy (not that it doesn’t help make yourself happy as well). The old expression goes: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” The perfect gesture is more along the lines of “Do unto others as they wish most done unto them.”

Birthdays are the easiest opportunities for making perfect gestures. You have a whole year to gather information and find that perfect gift. But the joy you will be creating has irreplaceable value, and will stand the test of time. When you see an opportunity to make such a gesture, don’t hesitate, don’t second guess. Jump for it. It could mean the world to someone.

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