“Finding the good in the bad can take time to be realized.”

“Finding the good in the bad can take time to be realized.”

I’ve always advocated for the idea that in every negative event, there is something to be gained and learned. Rather than spending your time worrying or replaying or regretting the negative event, just learn from it and move on. But it’s completely understandable that it is difficult to move on until the lesson is learned, or until we find out WHY it happened (even if that is a personal desire, and not really the reason why). And sometimes the lessons learned from these negatives can take time before they are realized.

We can get very frustrated with the fact that we just cant see the reason why things happened the way they did. Humans love to attribute reason to things that may sometimes don’t have reason. We like to see what we can gain from every situation, even the worst. We hope that there is some sense of order in the chaos. And for all of our efforts trying to understand, sometimes it isn’t a matter of seeking the answer out, but letting time help the lesson fall into your lap. Sometimes time is all you need for the pieces to fit together in the grand scheme of things.

Patience and persistence are all you can and should expect after a negative experience. Persistence to learn from the experience and to keep going, and patience to wait out if persistence is not enough. And the lesson and gain can come months or even years later, when you least suspect it. As much as the initial negative event may not have been in your control, sometimes the grand “reason” or purpose, or lesson learned isn’t in our control either.

As always, life is full of surprises.

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