“Rather than indulging in habit, try something new.”

“Rather than indulging in habit, try something new.”

The other day I was at a library looking through their DVD section for a Friday night “no brainer” movie to wind down the week with. The usual movies stood out. Somewhere in the back of my mind, a list of blockbuster movie titles was slowly being scanned through, seeing if I would find any of the titles on the shelf. Lo and behold, there were at least 3 of them right in front of me. Immediately, I reached forward for them when I saw another title from a movie I hadn’t ever heard of before. “The Man From Earth” did not look like a blockbuster at all, and it was a bit of a change from the usually upbeat movies I watch at the end of the week. Still, deciding to shake things up a bit, I took the movie out and instead of watching my regular “no brainer” action or adventure flick, I watched this movie instead. By the end of the movie, my mind was racing…but not with the adrenalin that most “cheap thrill” action movies leave you with. This left me pondering possibilities I hadn’t ever considered, and that was better than any adrenalin rush. It was different. It was exciting.

Different Crayon

Routine is a fantastic thing to have. It brings order and stability and discipline to life. It helps us relax when the rest of the world seems to be chaotic. But for all of its benefits, it also has its downsides. Relying too much on routine can eventually become comfortable, and can be preferable to trying something new.

It’s important to shake things up just a bit, even if it’s minor, just to stimulate your senses, and look at things from a different perspective. If you have a set routine for winding down for the night, try shifting things around a bit. If not, try something entirely new. Instead of watching the usual youtube clips, try a TED talk (www.ted.com) instead. Instead of reading on your ipad, pick up a book and read it. Instead of jogging on a treadmill, go outside if possible. Instead of seeing your usual movies, try something different.

If you shake things up just a little bit, you will find hidden surprises that you could have never expected. That and, everyone should watch “The Man From Earth” at least once 😉

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