“Rather than brushing aside, ask WHY.”

“Rather than brushing aside, ask WHY.”

There are many things that we do and say throughout the day. Often, it’s just a product of our habits, and personality. Every once in a while though, we do or say something that seems to catch us off guard. It may sound like something we wouldn’t normally say, or it may be an action we wouldn’t usually take. Whatever it is, a small bit of reflection or introspection can be a great benefit when it happens.

Take a look at what you said or did that seemed ‘out of character’. When you have a chance to pause, do so, and ask yourself why you think you did/said what you did. Are you feeling more inspired than usual? Are you feeling more drained? Have the circumstances in your life recently changed? Has anything changed in the last few months? Spend a quiet few minutes reflecting on these questions, on yourself, on your surroundings, and you will slowly discover the WHY. After that, you can determine if the WHY is something to watch out for, or something to nourish.


While you want to reflect, you DO NOT want to obsess. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, sometimes it takes time to process our actions and circumstances on a subconscious level. Sometimes when the incident is still fresh, we are overwhelmed by it and can’t think properly. For this reason it may be a good idea to take a few quick notes to reflect on later. And if your reflection doesn’t really come up with an answer, then accept that fact for the time being and move on. Dwelling unnecessarily can become frustrating, so its important to know yourself well enough to back off or move on.

Sometimes we just have very good, or very bad days that can momentarily make us break out of our regular patterns. And that’s all right too. There may not be a deeper layer to this break in pattern, and if that is the case, then simply move on. But if there is something to be learned, something wonderful that can be integrated, then you should make an effort to do so.

We may just have good/bad days. But sometimes, our reactions could be the start of something new, something wonderful. Understanding it is the first step to determining what to do (if anything) with it.

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