“What do you believe in? What do you have faith in?”

“What do you believe in? What do you have faith in?”

While normally my entries encourage the exploration of WHY, this entry will return to the surface level and encourage you to ask yourself a simple question: “What do you believe in? what do you have faith in?” As adults, we have come face to face with so many realities that there are things we once believed that have moved from forward inspiration, to backward myth. We no longer believe in Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, Ghosts and so forth (many of us anyway). But if we have stopped believing in these, what do we believe in?

Do we believe in ourselves? Do we place our belief entirely in an external element, whether it is another person, or a deity? Take a moment to stop and ask yourself this question. Is there anything that you believe in? If so, take the strongest thing that you believed in at any point in your life…does it even compare? I’ve heard many describe “faith” as something that requires the most powerful of “beliefs” (I am sure others may disagree). Often, faith can be tied to religion, or God. Is it possible to believe in an idea/concept/analogy so strongly that it compares to that level of faith? I certainly think it is possible. But does faith require us to avoid exploring the question WHY, and seeking proof? Is faith simply wishful thinking brought into reality?

Sun in Hands

The journey of self-exploration is transfinite, an ocean so vast and so deep that exploring it entirely is almost impossible (imagine then how difficult it is to truly understand someone ELSE). But once you go deep enough, many things that “just were” become explainable (and as a caution, our explanations are often refined later on as we have more evidence). I’ve seen many adults question the world around them, ask WHY, which is an intellectual and spiritual exercise. But asking WHY has for some people cracked the foundations of the things they believed in because they discovered things were not as they originally believed.

Are there things that you now believe in that you did not believe in before? Has the quest to uncover the WHYs of life given you new things to believe in, while shattering old ones? If so, are these new beliefs more or less powerful than previous ones? Do you believe in them strongly? Are there things you wished you believed in more? What would it take for you to believe in them again? How do you define faith? Is it different from “belief”?

Many questions, many without answers. The ocean is always deeper than we expect…

Believe Shore

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