“Break things down into smaller, more manageable pieces.”

“Break things down into smaller, more manageable pieces.”

There are times where a concept, idea, or task, completely overwhelms us such that we can’t make any progress on it. It can be building a cupboard, writing an essay, drawing a comic, learning a new skill etc. The task itself appears so complicated that we simply don’t know where to begin. Part of the problem stems from the fact that we are staying with the bigger picture, instead of seeing that as complicated as the bigger picture seems, there are smaller parts that compose the greater whole.

Breaking something down into smaller chunks allows you to see more clearly how the pieces fit, and how to tackle each piece individually. Seeing its smaller components can often help get you started because now you have something you can actually do. This is a creative exercise that forces you to momentarily push out something that you are used to, and enter a slightly more unfamiliar territory (only in the sense that it isn’t the actual problem before you). But what you will find is that although not the original problem, the new smaller chunks are easier to deal with.

One potential pitfall of breaking things down into smaller chunks is not knowing where to start because instead of ONE subject, now you’ve got multiple. If there is a starting point that is obvious, start there. If not, then it may not matter. Some people prefer to start with the bit that is easiest, and progress to the harder bits…others do the reverse. It depends entirely on how you function best.

While this post was more about managing apparently difficult tasks, it is also a wonderful exercise in combating writer’s block, or stalled creativity. These tips and many more found in the link below!

Source: How to Overcome Creative Blocks – Lifehacker

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