“When faced with a 50/50, make a decision and move forward.”

“When faced with a 50/50, make a decision and move forward.”

Life can throw many decisions at us. Many of the places we end up in life are because we made one decision or another. As complicated calculating machines, we can take into account many different factors when selecting an option. Sometimes this decision is very easy, and all the factors line up on one side. Other times, this decision can be hard, and two decisions seem identical, with factors evenly spread on either side.

It may be easy to narrow decisions down to two choices. But once we get to two choices, we may hit an impasse that keeps us stuck, unable to decide what path to take. We can spend hours thinking and obsessing over the possible outcomes of each decision. But if after giving it a thought or two, the decision is still evenly split, don’t over-think. Make a decision, and move on.

Hindsight is just that…hindsight. There is no way you can predict exactly how things will turn out. Obsessing can lock you into a cycle which is difficult to break out of. Rather than making a decision, you stall, stuck behind the decision where no outcome is evident. Since you can’t predict what will happen, don’t stress, fret, or obsess over it. Make a decision and spend any time you would have spent over-thinking, into ensuring that the decision you just made was the right one. Move forward so you can learn, grow, and adapt.

Only by moving forward can you learn and grow from this impasse. So the next time you’re stuck at a 50/50 impasse, stop dwelling on the decision: pick a road, any road, and enjoy the adventure!

Fork in the Road

4 thoughts on ““When faced with a 50/50, make a decision and move forward.”

  1. You’re so right here! Forward-moving energy is so much more power-filled than stuck energy. Best is to check each decision with how it makes us feel expanded deep inside, and then choose. When we choose from that space, we simply CANT go wrong (actually, we never can when looked at it from a broad enough perspective). And then there’s no space for guilt or hindsight! Thanks for engaging this topic!

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