“After an argument, compassionately admit any mistakes.”

“After an argument, compassionately admit any mistakes.”

There is no denying that no matter how much you love a person (friend, family member), you will inevitably get into a conflict with them about something. Conflict in of itself is not inherently bad. How each party reacts to the conflict can become the driving factor in whether it is positive, or negative. That said, sometimes a conflict/argument will happen anyway which can place some tension on the relationship. Assuming that the relationship is important to you, there is one step that can be taken post-argument that will hopefully begin the healing process: an apology.

Granted, after an argument, emotions may be high, pride doubly so. The LAST thing we want to do after the raw conflict is to admit some form of weakness. We’ve felt attacked, we’ve felt vulnerable, and perhaps we cannot understand the other side’s perspective. But pride is a horrible thing to have between loved ones.

Twins Argument

Even if you may still stand firmly by your position, an apology about the tone of the conflict can be helpful. Maybe you said things in the heat of the moment you didnt mean. Maybe you raised your voice. Maybe you wish you had handled the conflict differently. By expressing these thoughts in a compassionate apology, you extend an olive branch that will hopefully diffuse the tension and start the path of mending any damage that can be done.

It’s very rare that in an argument ONE party is entirely in the wrong, and the other in the right. Even if that is the case, there is always room for improvement, and taking a moment to express what went wrong, how you hope to correct it in the future, how you hope to deal with it in the future, or even how you wish you had handled the argument, is always a good idea. Odds are, by taking the first step and extending the first olive branch, the same could be returned to you and both parties can not only heal, but begin to move on.

Couple Apology

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