“Eliminate an earworm through expression.”

“Remove an ear worm through expression.” 

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Maybe its something you heard in the morning that continues to replay in your mind over and over and over throughout the day. Or maybe its just a tune you heard years ago, that suddenly surfaced. Whatever the cause is, you’ve got an earworm, and its haunting you. The same melody can be nice at first, but it can also start to get annoying. Trying not to think about it probably won’t help because as you try not to think about it, your brain actively checks to make sure you aren’t thinking about it (thereby thinking about it). So don’t bother.


Distracting yourself is one way to get rid of the ear worm. Focus on something else. Maybe a different melody, maybe talking to someone else, just doing something distracting. If that doesn’t work, here’s what I’ve done that seems to work every time.

Get rid of the ear worm through expression. What do I mean by this? If you can, hum or sing the tune. Better still, if you can play an instrument, play the song on that instrument (it doesn’t have to be perfect). The tune may be playing in your head, but by expressing it (and you can really get creative with HOW to express it), it seems to filter itself out.

Interestingly enough, many of these tricks can work for other types of “worms” that seem to cling onto our thoughts. Maybe its a worry. Maybe you cant stop thinking about something bad that happened. Whatever it is, if you find yourself thinking it over and over, either distract yourself, or express it. Sing. Write about it in a journal. Draw what it looks like, or how feels like to you.

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