The End of Day Philosophy

How will I feel about this when today is over?

Have a daily review before you go to bed, even if it’s just a mental review. Were you right? Do you regret any of your choices? If so, don’t feel bad about being wrong — be happy that you’ve learned this.

Then make a better choice the next time.

What are you going to do next, after reading this? Will you be happy with that, at the end of this day?

– The End of Day Philosophy

This is a fantastic exercise at the end of your day. With a little bit of reflection, you will be able to pinpoint the things you did during the day that were worthwhile, and others that were not so worthwhile.

Time is very precious, and in our day to day activities, we find ourselves increasingly bombarded by flashy, shiny things that can take away from our attention, distract us from the things that matter most, and hijack our appreciation for what we do have.

Just keep in mind: even if you did something that was not worthwhile, there is still worth in it. You may appreciate that your time could have been better spent, or that you wished you had time for something more important, and in that regard, turn the experience into one which promotes learning and growth.

Try the End of Day Philosophy!


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