Turn Toward the Problem

Let’s take away that power, and shine a little light on the problem. Allow ourselves to feel the pain, to feel the fear and still take action. To begin the healing. To begin to create something new and amazing from the ills that have been hiding in the dark.

Turn toward the problem and you turn it into something beautiful.

– From Zen Habits “Turn Toward the Problem” 

An incredibly inspiring post courtesy of Zen Habits!

4 thoughts on “Turn Toward the Problem

  1. Don’t know if my comments went through or not. Anyway, I read the article from Zen Habits and liked it very much. While I’m a Christian, I’m not one to think I can’t learn from other disciplines. In fact, I believe Jesus teaches much of the same philosophy. Good post.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and the repost! An open mind is really one of the greatest assets anyone can have, regarding any topic in our world! The learning experience never stops 🙂

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