The Choice That We Have

I was watching this video, and a phrase stuck out to me as profound, not only because its a powerful statement, but also because it really is so simple.

“The choice that we have is to give up, or go on”
Think about a time when you were in a difficult situation. Maybe it was a relationship, maybe it was a bad day, maybe it was the loss of a loved one, or a job, or maybe you failed at doing something. You probably felt like the weight of the whole world was on your shoulders. If things were particularly rough, in that moment, it may even be hard to see how you could recover, or how things could possibly get better.
And that’s where this quote comes in. Because in those moments of desperation, or helplessness, when things feel overwhelming or even impossible, there is a simple choice that has to be made…give up…or go on. Those really are your only two choices. Pretty simple…
Except that it may not be so simple. Giving up is VERY easy. You just stop. You surrender to the failure. Whatever pushed you down, whatever crushed you, whatever hurt you, wins. It’s easy to collapse and surrender. But we have to remember that if we do that, its still a choice.
The harder choice is to go on. Maybe not today (though that would be ideal), maybe not tomorrow, but maybe some day. Its perfectly all right to take some time to recoup, to gather your strength, to gather your thoughts, to do something different temporarily. But remember, the choice to look the failure or fear in the eye and to choose to GO ON can be immensely empowering.
Making the choice is the hard part. But the choice is still there. And how many of your idols, role models, heroes (fiction or non-fiction), have felt what its like to fail? ALL. OF. THEM.
The difference, is that they chose to GO ON in spite of the set back. Every great story begins when someone chose to GO ON, instead of give up.
Make the choice to GO ON, instead of give up. Failure is a teacher, nothing more.

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