“I will do everything I set out to do today”

Today’s Mantra Monday is this:

“I will do everything I set out to do today”


This may sound more difficult than last week’s Mantra, but what if that very line of thinking is what makes it difficult?
I’m a person who LOVES lists. TO DO lists are basically the only way that I get anything done…ever. There’s a sense of fulfillment from checking off the items on the list. The trick I’ve found is to make a commitment every morning and do the following:
1. Go through your list.
2. Find the items that are must do.
3. Prioritize your items
4. Make a commitment to get through all or some of them.
Now life will throw you curve balls. There will be days where you start on some tasks and can’t even get through them because the phone rings non-stop, or distractions are aplenty. There are two schools of thought, and I’ve applied both:
1. Forgive yourself if you can’t reach what you set out to do. But make sure you set time aside to do it tomorrow (to avoid infinite procrastination)
2. Keep going. Just. Keep. Going. There have been some days where I was so eager to finish my to-do list that despite the distractions and set-backs, I just plowed on ahead. The feeling of having stayed true to the commitment is a reward in of itself. Think back to the last day where you were very, VERY productive, and felt accomplished: that’s what I’m talking about.
The two have to go hand in hand. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. There’s a time to not be dissuaded and keep pressing on, and there’s a time to pull back, regroup, recoup, and plan how to tackle the problem the next day.
Just remember…it’s not over, until you give up completely. And there are always second chances and opportunities to finish something you’ve started. Seek them out. Stay true to yourself. Make commitments to yourself. Hold yourself accountable.
You’ll build integrity and confidence (and get a lot of work done too!)
Happy Monday!

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