The Road to Success

Happy Fun Friday everyone! Take a look at this:


Absolutely brilliant. This is of course, the truth when it comes to “the road to success”. Rarely is the road a binary choice where one path leads to success, or one leads to failure. Success is a series of decisions, a series of tasks, a series of thoughts. Success is a HABIT, and in order to get to that habit, you have to overcome the many, MANY stumbling blocks in your way.

Just because we have failed in one thing, does not mean that we have FAILED. In fact the only time that we have failed is when we give up permanently. That’s the end of one road. And even then, that may not be a complete failure for this simple reason: like driving, sometimes we have to take detours, and sometimes we get lost. So when we realize we’ve been going down the wrong path, giving up that path hopefully means we will find a better path to get to where we need to.

Success is rarely something that ‘just happens’. You can expect many bumps and bruises and obstacles along the way. Overcoming them, learning from them, growing from them, is what makes us successful.

Happy Friday!

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