You Got This

There comes a time in life when the outside world fades away; a time when all external influences fall into the backdrop; a time when for the first time in a long while you can hear your breathing, your heartbeat, your soul. There is nothing else, but you.

Noise yields to a perfect calm.

The silence mixes with heavy breathing.

And in this moment we discover who we really are.

At our worse, we fall apart. We believe we are nothing. We surrender to hopelessness, to brokenness, to failure. We believe that we may never recover, that we’ve truly hit the end of the line. That nothing will ever be the same again.

It won’t.

Every passing moment, is a chance to turn it all around. Every moment you continue to breathe is another chance to start from the beginning. In the middle of the hopelessness, you find the music of hope. In the middle of brokenness, you find the many pieces that can be put together to form a newer, better, stronger whole. In the middle of failure, we find a lesson. The end of the line, is the beginning of a new path; a new chapter.

Turn the page. Begin on a new adventure. Leave behind the hopelessness, the brokenness, the failure. Emerge from the fire as a phoenix born anew. You’ve outgrown it all. And now it’s time to shed your skin and come into your own once again.

You got this.


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