In a single day there are:
– 24 hours
– 1,440 minutes
– 86,400 seconds
– nearly limitless possibilities to learn, to grow, to better ourselves, to change ourselves and our lives positively.

We often let the day sweep us off our feet as we try to sink or swim with our hectic schedules. Information comes at us from everywhere and we are tempted to let it all feed into us without coherence.

What if we could slow down for just a small fraction of the day and calm our minds so that we could appreciate every second that passes us? What if we could stop seeing the day as a string of “things that happened to us”, and see instead the many lessons learned, the inspirations gained, and the moments truly embraced?

What if each day had a destiny, to teach you one fundamental lesson?

This blog is dedicated to all the lessons, and inspirations each day brings.

It’s time the best teacher in the world, life, got some credit 😉

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