The Daily Teacher Podcast – Episode 6 – Senses and Sense-ability

In this podcast, I talk about the experience of really focusing our senses to uncover a world of details that we usually miss. That and, I make a lame attempt at embarrassing my girlfriend. All this and more below!

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“Stay hydrated!”

“Stay hydrated!”

Depending on where you are in the world, this post may or may not apply to you directly. For those of us in the northern hemisphere of the world where the heat of summer is finally kicking in, this post should hit home. And its a very simple one: STAY HYDRATED! Water is the lubricant that keeps the engines of our bodies functioning. In the heat, dehydration can not only reduce your ability to focus, or work, it can also be dangerous!

When we’re so engulfed with work, it can be hard to listen to our bodies. “One more paragraph” we say, or “One more hour”. Sure it’s good to keep pushing yourself just a little, but when it comes to water I would say getting the water now will lead to two more paragraphs later. We get distracted and often engrossed by what we are doing that we figure we can hold off for a little longer.

Getting up from your desk to get some water is a good way to refresh yourself momentarily. It stretches out your muscles, offers a chance to look at things from a different perspective when you get back. If you can’t afford to leave, have a bottle of water with you at all times. All it takes is taking a sip when you feel thirsty.

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Drinking Tub of Water

“Find the hidden gems in your city.”

“Find the hidden gems in your city.”

When you think about the city you live in, what are some of the locations that make the city special for you? What are some of the locations that you have many memories in? Odds are, regardless of what city or town you live in, there is a place in it that you really enjoy spending time in. In a town, it can be the local hangout spot. In a larger city, finding that special gem can be difficult sometimes with so many streets, and shops and people.

City exploring is a favorite past time of mine. In a larger city like the one I live in, just talking a walk without any real destination reveals so many new locations that its almost hard to keep track of. I’ve started a habit of taking note of some of them (restaurants, shops, etc). But aside from walking around, there are many other ways to find those hidden gems.

Cafe Du Marche

Ask around: friends, family, and maybe even strangers you meet here or there. Find out what their gems in the city are. Odds are they have different favorites that maybe you haven’t even heard of. Look online: there are many different forums and articles written by people who have been to many of the city’s gems. A google search can easily help you find a few recommendations. And if you have a little bit of time, explore the streets you’ve never been to, or the areas you’ve never ventured. You never know what you’ll find.

The cities we live in continue to expand and grow. If you find a small mom and pop store that you really love, suggest it to your friends and family. Advertise your interest on Twitter of Facebook. Write a positive review so that others can indulge in what is offered. In a world where so many larger companies are popping up all around us, finding and supporting those hidden gems takes us back to a much more relaxed time where quality was more important than quantity. These small stores can give us a diversity and uniqueness the bigger brand names may not be able to offer anymore.

A city may have a lot to offer. But its these little gems that give the city its character. Explore the city’s character. Find the hidden gems. And don’t forget to share them with others 😉

Skating Rink

“Indulge in the decadence of the simple things in life.”

“Indulge in the decadence of the simple things in life.”

Our lives can get quite complicated. In a world of constant connections and connectivity, a world where we often multitask, we can drown in everything around us. But there’s something almost magical about indulging in a single simple thing that fills us with a moment of perfect gratitude, and awareness, and appreciation to be alive. Sounds too good to be true? Think again. Everyday, we have these moments right under our nose, and we can experience them if we allow ourselves to.

Marvin Himel - Little Green Sprout

Yesterday, I had finished eating a delicious, perfect meal. I was on the cusp of that perfect amount of satisfaction and contentment. Suddenly, I had a craving for something sweet, just to end the meal. And there it was…one Ferrero Rocher. The perfect way to end the meal. And I spent a good 2 minutes devouring the delicious chocolate and just marveling at how it really was the perfect way to end the meal. Every texture, every taste, every crunch, each simple in their own right, became the joys of the moment.

Ferrero Rocher

Maybe that perfect moment is a cool breeze on a warm day. Maybe it’s that perfect hug that just makes you melt. Maybe its seeing the very first bee of spring, or hearing the chirping of the birds at dawn, or being witness to a baby’s first smile. You know these moments I’m talking about. It is the moment we spend with our friends, where we pause for one brief second and look around us and realize how lucky we are to have them, and how happy we are with them. It is a moment where we stop and realize a thought, or feeling, or smell, or sight, has uncontrollably brought a smile to our faces. It is a moment when you realize you’ve made the perfect jump, hit the right combo, and beaten the level of a video game that had grasped your attention for too long. It is a moment where we really appreciate holding someone, or being held by someone. It is a moment when you realize you’ve been thrust awake for work, only to discover you still have 2 hours to sleep in.

Hug - Modobsfiles

It is a moment where our minds, with all their troubles and hurries and thoughts and worries, clear up completely and we are left with simple, uncontaminated, pristine, pure joy.

These moments are all around us, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be experienced, waiting for YOU to give yourself fully to them.

All you have to do…is indulge.

“Cook for someone. A meal always tastes better when shared, and when made by someone who cares.”

“Cook for someone. A meal always tastes better when shared, and when made by someone who cares”

Delicious Indian Food

There’s that expression that the secret ingredient to your mom’s cooking is “love”. Love isn’t a tangible ingredient, but that doesn’t stop the food from tasting different anyway. There’s something inherently wonderful about cooking for someone else that cannot be compared to anything else.

It is an act of creation, which is almost always an inspired act. And really, it’s an almost perfect act: it’s creating something new, with someone(s) you care for in mind, that is arguably selfless, and can enhance a person’s happiness, and even bring two or more people together in sharing it. Then there’s the taste. I can’t think of many other actions that have so many elements wrapped neatly in one. So many opportunities for immediate gratification, while still having long term benefits, such as forging connections. There’s a reason why it’s an ancient tradition that has evolved and refined itself in every culture across the world.

And even if you aren’t a great cook, take the risk, and make an attempt with someone. It’s an activity that can easily be shared, and may even be much more enjoyable shared. And see the act of cooking as the reward itself…any successfully created foods are simply the cherry on top, a bonus!

Now maybe I just love food, and eating, but I can honestly say that some of my happiest memories involve delicious food. There’s something about savoring a really good meal, enjoying it with someone, and sharing the experience together. It’s an experience that can often be overlooked because we do it so often, but that really deserves more attention. And giving that perfect eating experience to someone else is a joy of its own.

Create, share, enjoy.

Bon appetit.