Is the Hard Problem of Consciousness Connected to the Hard Problem in Physics?

The nature of consciousness seems to be unique among scientific puzzles. Not only do neuroscientists have no fundamental explanation for how it arises from physical states of the brain, we are not even sure whether we ever will. Astronomers wonder what dark matter is, geologists seek the origins of life, and biologists try to understand cancer—all difficult problems, of course, yet at least we have some idea of how to go about investigating them and rough conceptions of what their solutions could look like. Our first-person experience, on the other hand, lies beyond the traditional methods of science. Following the philosopher David Chalmers, we call it the hard problem of consciousness.

But perhaps consciousness is not uniquely troublesome. Going back to Gottfried Leibniz and Immanuel Kant, philosophers of science have struggled with a lesser known, but equally hard, problem of matter. What is physical matter in and of itself, behind the mathematical structure described by physics? This problem, too, seems to lie beyond the traditional methods of science, because all we can observe is what matter does, not what it is in itself—the “software” of the universe but not its ultimate “hardware.” On the surface, these problems seem entirely separate. But a closer look reveals that they might be deeply connected.

Source: Is the Hard Problem of Consciousness Connected to the Hard Problem in Physics?

The Daily Teacher Podcast – Episode 4 – ME Time

In this podcast, I talk about the importance of setting aside some time for yourself!

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How to Find Time for Yourself
20 Things You Can Do For ME TIME (even though you’re busy)

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11 Rules That Creative People Live By

Creativity doesn’t always come easily, so here are 11 rules creative people live by to keep the creativity coming, even through setbacks.

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Chill Out!

Happy Fun Friday everyone! Today’s fun little gem is a subtle reminder that our egos can often get in the way of the things we do. If we are not hungry for attention, then we are worried that we are being scrutinized by the people around us: somehow, we think that the whole world is watching, people at work, at home, at grocery stores; everyone just watching our every move, judging us, evaluating us.

“What’s he eating? Ew why is he doing that?”

“Why is she wearing that?”

“What an ugly shirt.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I can’t believe they failed! Haha!”

And so on. But the reality is….that no one is watching. No one is keeping track of our failures…except for us.

When we meet new people, they don’t know us. They don’t know our story. But they know theirs, and they’re probably worried that their lifetime of failures (rather than their successes) is shining through. We are all so lost in our own minds, with the worries of life around us that most people are too busy worrying about themselves to worry about you. In this peculiar way, we are all alone, together. In this way, the only person who knows everything about us, is ourselves.

So the next time you are out in public and you worry that the gaze of the world is upon you, and that the world knows every little failure…remember this:



Choke on Greatness

Happy Friday everyone! Before the week ends, here’s something to make you smile for Fun Friday:


The quote reminds us that we really don’t know what our limits are until we push ourselves beyond them. We can remain within our comfort zones, facing the same challenges every time, or we can push beyond, challenge ourselves to be more, and do more. We often sell ourselves short, and our fear often holds us back: fear of losing something, fear of the unknown, or fear of failure.

Never underestimate your own ability to break boundaries, and challenge yourself. Never underestimate what you can actually do, versus what you think you can do. Humans have an amazing ability to adapt. When it becomes necessary, we are very resourceful.

Because its better to shoot for the stars and miss, than aim low.

The Road to Success

Happy Fun Friday everyone! Take a look at this:


Absolutely brilliant. This is of course, the truth when it comes to “the road to success”. Rarely is the road a binary choice where one path leads to success, or one leads to failure. Success is a series of decisions, a series of tasks, a series of thoughts. Success is a HABIT, and in order to get to that habit, you have to overcome the many, MANY stumbling blocks in your way.

Just because we have failed in one thing, does not mean that we have FAILED. In fact the only time that we have failed is when we give up permanently. That’s the end of one road. And even then, that may not be a complete failure for this simple reason: like driving, sometimes we have to take detours, and sometimes we get lost. So when we realize we’ve been going down the wrong path, giving up that path hopefully means we will find a better path to get to where we need to.

Success is rarely something that ‘just happens’. You can expect many bumps and bruises and obstacles along the way. Overcoming them, learning from them, growing from them, is what makes us successful.

Happy Friday!

F*ck That!

Happy Fun Friday! The work week is almost over, which means its time for a little bit of fun!

“Gradually, let the horse shit of the external world fade from your awareness. If you find your mind wandering to other thoughts, don’t let it concern you. Just acknowledge that all that shit is fucking bullshit.”

Insightful, and hilarious. Check out this incredibly funny guided meditation. Hopefully it’ll make you smile the way it made me 🙂

F*ck That! A Guided Meditation